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Our Love Story

How it Began

It feels like just yesterday... 

There I was distracting Jared in class so he could get my besties attention. She was in all of Jared's graphic classes and since Jared sat in the front of the room I needed to distract him in order to get her attention so we could have our morning coffee together in the hallway. We were young freshman ready to take on the world not knowing what our futures had in store for us. We attended University together at Johnson & Wales in Providence over 16 years ago!



Even though we started as “just friends” when we were 18 years old, it became clear that we were meant to be so much more than that. Our first, undeniable spark turned into a unique and wonderful bond that can only develop over time. We’re so thankful that we found each other and are thrilled that we get to share this time with the people we love the most. We’re so grateful for each and every one of you and can’t wait to celebrate with you at the most MAGICAL  place on earth, Disney! #HappilyEverMattes

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